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3 July
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1) What is your full name? Rebecca Anne V. (I could spell it out for you, but in doing such I would be saying "PLEASE STALK ME, dirty old man!")
2) How old are you? 17.. it feels like I will *never* be 18.
3) Where were you born? Ireland, sexy, eh?
4) What color sock/slippers are you wearing? These white onez with pink on the bottoms.
5) What jewelry do you wear? My pink/purple/white kandi necklace (EVERYDAY), then some assorted kandi on wrists.
6) What would your choice murder weapon be? Hatchet. -smirk-
7) Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Pepsi... This question would have been so much more amusing if it said, "Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?".. haha.
8) What color of the rainbow would you be? Purple..
9) What is your favorite animal? A kandi-kid. (I just wanna love 'em, and squeeze 'em, and hug 'em!)
10) Left handed or Right handed? I masturbate with my right-hand, you do the math.
11) What color nail polish do you prefer? Black, or any other dark color on boys. On girls any shade of the rainbow.
12) What cologne do you prefer? On men? ... Sexual.. hey it smells good, what can I say?
13) What is your favorite line of any song? ...Pineapple upside down cake, why's it upside down?!
14) who is your favorite cartoon character? Brak, or Jonny, or Squee.
15) Do you prefer spicy or sweet &sour food? Sweet & Sour. I'm too much of a pussy for spicy things, they're just not my cup o' tea.
16) What is your favorite fruit? Pears.
17) What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell, or Wendy's
18) Are you easily whipped by the person you are with or when you are in a relationship, if you are not at the current time? It all depends on the person I'm with, some people just have that effect over you, ya know?
19) Would you cheat on the person you are with or would you break up with them before doing so? Kick them to the curb, whenever possible. Not that I haven't cheated before, but I can't say I'm too proud of myself. x.x
20) What is your favorite certain shade of green? Forest Green or Lime Green.
21) Shorts or pants? Pants, or UFO's made into wikid long shorts.
22) Do you believe in extra-terrestrials? My daddy told me their were aliens, on the rings around your-anus!
23) If you were able to visit one planet, which would you choose? Pluto
24) Pen or pencil? Pen.
25) Corn or popcorn? KoRn..
26) Pink Floyd or Pink? Pink Floyd.
27) If you lived under the sea, what sea creature would you be and why? I'd be a Patrick.
28) Which one of Santas reindeer would you be? Prancer ('cuz like.. his name is Prancer)
29) What do you wish you would get for Christmas? UFO's in every color of the rainbow.. but getting two shades of purple was pretty fricken' sweet.
30) If you were a school teacher, what subject would you teach? History or English.
31) Snow or rain? RAIN! In the summer, and I run around with a white t-shirt on.. *wink* j/k
32) If someone dropped a hundred dollar bill on the ground, would you keep it or tell them? I'd tell them, but I'd kick my ass the whole way home too.
33) If you were able to have one super power, what would you have? I'd want to fly.
34) Winny the Pooh or Piglet? Pooh.
35) What band/group/singer would you go onstage with to sing a song and what song? Dark Lotus - Juggalo Family.
36) Do you like clowns? I LOVE THEM!.. Wikid clowns, that is.
37) If you were Santa and had another form of transportation, what would it be? A magical bubble.
38) If you were a troll, what color hair would you have? Dude, spiked purple hair.
39) If you were to invent one thing, what would it be? Drugs that didn't have any negative effects.
40) 1960's or now? 60's!!!!.. but they didn't have parties in the 60s.. or ELECTRONIC MUSIC.. ehhh, maybe now.
41) Black Sabbath or Ozzy? Black Sabbath
42) If you got a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, would you go &who would be the one person you would take with you? I would go, and I would bring Kelly and Andy.. screw the rules.., and we would buy HUGE bag of weed, and smoke it all before we went. *joygasm*
43) Fried or Baked? Baked.
44) Spring water or tap water? They're like the same thing, dude.
45) Swimming pool or lake? Pool.. or lake.. I like both options.
46) If female, out of your friends that are boys, who would you go out with, even if you are seeing someone now? NEXT!
48) If God came down and said "You have 2 days to live," what are some things you would do? The first day would be spent with my friends, we would go to a party -n I would give my virginity away to some unsuspecting raver cuz you can't die a virgin!
49) Iced Tea or Lemonade? Iced Tea.
50) What are you feeling right now? Happy that I finished this, and excited about going to see friend. *hugglez*kyle*hugglez*

Bye dudes -n dudettes. Thanks for letting me waste your time!

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