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Can we say awkward, children? Here, try it with me now.

XXJoyXgasmXx [8:16 PM]: dude. i just died.
antipastle [8:16 PM]: why
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:16 PM]: of embarassment + awkwardness.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:17 PM]: went to play practice, mom picked me up, dropped naomi off at her house, went to shaws..
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:17 PM]: then we stopped at blockbuster,
and coleman ran back out and was like, come inside, justin's inside, go say hi..
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:17 PM]: so i did..
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:17 PM]: i walked right in to him talking to colleen.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:17 PM]: died.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:18 PM]: said hi. hid... then peaced.. but not before I backhanded coleman right in the face cuz he said "oooo he likes her and you're jealous"
antipastle [8:18 PM]: O MAN
antipastle [8:18 PM]: that must have been bad
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:18 PM]: then my mom was like trying to be comforting by telling me i had no taste.
antipastle [8:18 PM]: was there like a stare down of death
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:18 PM]: wouldn't know. i ducked and dodged like a pro
antipastle [8:18 PM]: so u pulled a 007
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:19 PM]: went out, and that song by kelly clarkson was on.. so I bumped it.. and sapukood myself.. bled all over the leather.
antipastle [8:19 PM]: u shoulda wiped out your golden i and started poppin caps
antipastle [8:19 PM]: lol
antipastle [8:19 PM]: i whent to grab my lethers but all i could find was my wifes mittens
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:19 PM]: justin made this face like a wounded dear in headlights.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:19 PM]: and i made a holy shit face
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:19 PM]: she made a what the fuck's going on face.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:20 PM]: eyes to floor. walk quickly by. slightly open mouth. hello. RUN THE FUCK AWAY!
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:20 PM]: that's all my brain kept screaming..
antipastle [8:20 PM]: lol u should have jumped on collen and created holy matramony on the blockbuster floor
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:20 PM]: RUN RUN RUN RUN!
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:20 PM]: my legs moved uber slow tho..
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:21 PM]: it's like i'm over it, but that was still the *most* awkward moment i've had in a while.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:21 PM]: i swear, if only i had a katana.. it would have gone so differently..
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:21 PM]: i would have walked in and sapukood myself.
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:21 PM]: death right there.
antipastle [8:21 PM]: lol
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:21 PM]: hush up bum face.
antipastle [8:21 PM]: only if u hade a ubber sword of katana death
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:22 PM]: i should have dealt with it differently.. like checked out her name tag.. "oh colleen is it? yeah, where's your emo section? I was planning on taking my own life and needed a movie to watch.."
antipastle [8:24 PM]: lol u have anything to recomend
antipastle [8:24 PM]: i know u help justin with that section of drama
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:24 PM]: lmao..
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:25 PM]: or maybe.. "aren't we the cutest couple ever? *golf claps*" ONCORE!
XXJoyXgasmXx [8:25 PM]: *encore
antipastle [8:26 PM]: lol
antipastle [8:26 PM]: then u pull a camera out of your ass for comical effect and ask for a group picture
antipastle [8:26 PM]: then put it on photo shop
antipastle [8:27 PM]: and write EMO PWN3D KIDS
antipastle [8:27 PM]: and all of u will have a look of DEATH
antipastle [8:27 PM]: on your faces
antipastle [8:27 PM]: BUN BUM BUMMNMNAAAAAAA

That pretty much says it all.
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