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Half eaten cookie and a glass of milk..

Sitting next to my computer..
But not just any glass..
it's wicked sweet glass..
my favorite one actually..

Cookies and milk for breakfast.
Yum. Yum. Yum.
I love when I don't go to school.
...because I still haven't written my paper,
And I feel like butt.
It's pretty sweet.
Minus the feeling like butt.
What a pleasant coincidence,
Not feeling well on a day that I stayed home sick.
I thought I was fine this morning though,
When I was telling my mom I couldn't possibly go.
She knew I wasn't sick.
And now I really am.
Oh jooooooooygasm.
I think I might sleep some more.
And sleep.
And wake up.
And eat.
But I can't sleep anymore and that's why I'm up.
So probably won't work.

I really should write that paper.

10 pages.

None done.

Due tomorrow.


And I have play practice this evening.
Can't miss.
Play is not this Friday, but next.
Less than two weeks.
Almost, barely a week.
*Hides in fear*

What am I going to do?

Someone hold me.
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