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I love Nick..

XXJoyXgasmXx [9:03 PM]: Lemme play the motivational speaker. Shall I?
KamakazyComissar [9:04 PM]: lol aculy im happy today
KamakazyComissar [9:04 PM]: but ok
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:04 PM]: Honestly, I'm not motivated enough to be a motivational speaker.. They're so into it.. I'm so.. well,.. not..
KamakazyComissar [9:05 PM]: lol true true aye neway how many guys can say they look bitch'n in a skirt :-)
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:06 PM]: You can definitely hold your head high.
KamakazyComissar [9:06 PM]: haha
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:07 PM]: Oh, and put your hand on your hips, and let your skirt be tossed gently about by the breeze.. a gleam in your eye.
KamakazyComissar [9:07 PM]: and bow around me first prize:-)
KamakazyComissar [9:08 PM]: lol what a classic
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:09 PM]: It shall be a motion picture one day, I shall see it so.
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:09 PM]: It'd be a cheap remake of braveheart porn.
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:09 PM]: Pretty sexy eh?
KamakazyComissar [9:09 PM]: yea
KamakazyComissar [9:10 PM]: "BraveHeart 2 Play my bagpipes"
XXJoyXgasmXx [9:10 PM]: Oh that was good. You have outdone yourself this time.
KamakazyComissar [9:10 PM]: :-)
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