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Run along and die.... NOW!

Happy bunny is my idol.

I think today shall be a day of glow sticks,
A day of being roughly two and a half (in your mind, at least),
Frolicking and adventuring.
Pampering and playing.
Cuddling and giggling.
Being all giddy.
Hiding from parents.

I shotgun not being the light-show bitch.
I'll play a lil, but I will not be the bitch.

I never understood when Peanut sadly said..
"Nobody ever pampers me anymore."
...I thought everyone always got pampered.
Then, was a time of cuddle puddles and free love though.
And we had each other, the lil hippy-tized gutta sluts.
I get it now though. They try, and they don't know how.
Then, I get jaded and seclude myself.
I wanna do it with experienced tards, or not at all.

Forgive me, I'm jaded. I hate it.

I just miss them.
I miss everyone.
I didn't used to.
I do now.
(It's 'cuz I visited the gutta..)
I want a thumpa/klova light show.
I want to take out trees with Redzone.
I want time to bond with Peanut, chillin to psychopathic.
But I can't have any of it.
('cept the Peanut. SOMETIMES)
It's a major bummer.

I need to stop livin' in the past.
I need to stop doin' it in general.

PS. Thanks Kt and Ari for letting him know.
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